Sahara Industrial Services (SIS)

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Sahara Industrial Services (SIS) Pre-commissioning and commissioning services for pipelines and process systems in Oil & Gas, Power, Petrochemical, Mining and Industrial Markets.

The professional record of Sahara Industrial Services has witnessed outstanding results in the pre-commissioning services targeting a variety of power and petrochemicals projects in Egypt. The aforementioned services ranging from combined cycle power plants to complex projects to commission new refineries and petrochemical plants. On an ongoing basis, we offer specialized services required during plant turnarounds, shutdowns or maintenance requirements for existing industrial facilities. Sahara Industrial Services combines its experience with its partners to deliver unique solutions for every problem

Nitrogen Services

From Nitrogen Blanketing and Mothballing, Nitrogen Pressure Testing to various applications for the Commission Leak Testing (CLT) and Gross Leak Testing (GLT).

Pipeline Services

Wide range of Pipeline Pigging Operations including Pipeline Cleaning, Gauging, Flooding, Hydrostatic Testing, Dewatering and Air / Nitrogen Drying. The services also extends to the Pipeline Change of Service, Maintenance Programmes and Pipeline Pig Tracking & Location Services.

Chemical and Mechanical Cleaning Services

Unique solutions designed to solve any client problem efficiently either by the application of chemical cleaning or mechanical cleaning solutions.

Oil Systems Flushing

High velocity heated turbulent flow flushing systems to remove particulate matter from seal oil and lube oil turbine and compressor systems pipe-work.

Mechanical and Flange Integrity Management Services

Stud Bolt Hydraulic Torque Tightening and Tensioning, Stud Bolt Pneumatic Torque Services, Punch Listing, In Situ Flange Facing, Hydraulic Flange Weld Testing and Hydrostatic Testing.

Pumping & Specialist Services

Sahara Industrial Services has the extensive experience in pumping and specialty applications supported by a reliable equipment fleet necessary to provide solutions for Flooding / Filling, Hydrocarbon Fluid Pumping, Water Injection Services, Laying of Submarine Coiled Pipes, Cables and Umbilical Cables.

Crane Maintenance Services

Sahara Industrial Services  provides routine planned maintenance, cost effective repairs, OEM spare parts, reverse engineered spare parts as and when required fully supported by our in house OEM trained technicians with extensive experience working on cranes and davits.

Integrity Management

Improving asset integrity, enhancing inspection and reduc

ing risk through innovative and cost effective solutions