Sahara Advanced Services (SAS)


Sahara Advanced Services (SAS): Advanced services and solutions that support clients to enhance their operations with the use of new technologies including water shut-off technologies, specialized tools, stimulation services and many other specialized technologies.

Sahara Complete provides wide range of advanced services and technologies to support operators achieve their needs including:

Water Shut Off Solutions

Sahara Complete provides solutions for the control of  excessive water production utilizing Chemical Solutions to shut off the water producing zones or Downhole Flow Control Devices (AICD’s) which are applied to enable the effective management of reservoir sweep and installed into the lower completion with sand screens, or within short subs for non-sanding or retrofit applications.

Specialized Tools

Surface Flow Measurements

    • Utilizing latest technology known to science, Sahara Complete provides non-intrusive flow measurement solutions that save money and time while providing accurate flow measurement.

Completion Equipment

Sahara Complete has an agreement with one of the biggest completion tools providers to deliver specialized completion tools, that support the deployment of its  AICD and chemical solutions for water shut off and other unique applications including but not limited to downhole flow control equipment, production hydraulic packers, production mechanical packers and swellable packers. In addition to bridge plugs and cement retainers for well services and intervention.

Sand Control

The AICD’s are deployed with the sand face completion as an integral part of screen. Sahara Complete provides premium mesh sand screen that are designed to ensure the highest burst and collapse ratings of the mesh layers that are constructed of a multi‐layer design to support drainage, filtration, convergence and protection.

Stimulation Services

Through our long-term experience in Stimulation Services supported with the unique solutions provided by our R&D team in Sahara Chemical Solutions “SCS”, Sahara Complete provides customized formulations as integrated package to the African market for wide range of applications including but not limited to scale removal, wellbore cleanout, stimulation and production enhancement.

SCS’ breakthrough solutions are capable of cleaning the inherent passages linking the formation and the producing wells from any contaminants or deposits that will impair the fluid flow. In addition, it will induce new channels to add to the permeability of the near wellbore area to maximize the flow while maintaining the structure of the formation and the stability of the reservoir rock equilibrium.